Hooshvar Foundation Bringing Generations together

Who we are?

Hooshvar Foundation is a Canadian Not-for-profit Organisation with the mission of Improving Individual’s wellbeing, Bridging generation’s gap and promoting peace and friendship among nations by introducing, educating, researching, preserving, showcasing and utilising Folk Arts and Oral culture.

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Our Projects

We are constantly developing new project ideas and seek partners to implement and develop these community-engaging, culture-preserving and health-minding projects.

  • Occupational abandonment in other cultures
  • Artimathics
  • Make a wish flight a Kite

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Our Workshops

We have various series of workshops for all ages from children to seniors:

  • Children workshops
  • Family workshops
  • Individual adult workshops
  • Senior’s workshops

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Upcoming Events

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معادله ساده رياضي كه حيات اين انسان ارزشمند را بيان مي كند. بدون شك حد او در مسير زندگي وقتي كه زندگي به هيچ ميل مي كند، بي نهايت است. يادت شاد #مريم_ميرزاخاني

Our Team

Professor Zardosht Hooshvar

Researcher / CoB

Atessa Hooshvar


Maliheh Pamenari

Public Relations, Board Member

Kataneh Emami P.Eng, MBA

Board Member
Business and Management Consultant

Reza Houshvar B.Eng, MBA

VP of Marketing

Parsa Houshvar MSc. OT Reg. (Ont.)

Principal Consultant – Social Projects